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Simon Mower, Principal British College of Gava - BCG

Over the last year the British College of Gava (BCG) has been going through some significant changes. In particular, we have opened up our fantastic new secondary building, embedded Education for Sustainable Development into the schools DNA and introduced wellbeing and meditation into the curriculum. We are now an IB World School and we are delighted to say that large numbers of families are requesting to come and see our wonderful school each week.

We felt a desire to share with you our thoughts and ideas on education, the links we have with parents and the local community as well as why we do what we do. This blog is where we will share without the thoughts and insights from members of our school community. We are not here to instruct but more to share and generate interest on a wide range of topics.

I am not sure where this will all lead but something inside me says that this forum will be a very exciting place to visit from time to time so please subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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