Who are you? Are you really sure?

Be true to yourself! Trust your inner self! Just be your-self! Sound advice that at some point you might have received or given. Yet, how does one be ones self? At what point are you being yourself, and at what point are you not? Are you the same true self as you were yesterday?  Es

why RIsk-taking in play is positive

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘risk’?  We always strive to minimise risk for children, for example, wearing a helmet when cycling or wearing knee-pads and elbow-pads when skating, to prevent the risk of cuts, grazes and bruises. We try to protect children from external risks of activities such as climbing, jumping

beige analog compass

Is a translated poem still the same poem?

Less than two weeks ago, I had the great fortune to see how the cultural magazine “Primera página” published on its website a collection of poems with which I was awarded in the literary contest “Certamen Internacional de Poesía Yolanda Sáez” in June 2019. My second surprise was finding my poems translated into English – which,

Happy Earth Day 2021!

“When we experience nature, we develop a deep sense of empathy and love for nature. When we love something, we care for it, we conserve it and we protect it.” Satish Kumar, environmental activist Preserving and restoring our natural environments is crucial to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable development Goals or the SDGs

The power of play in the early years

Why do we base our learning on play in the Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS- Nursery and Reception class) and how does this lead to a solid foundation for learning? The Early Years curriculum as set out by the UK government’s Development Matters document is centred on play. Children aged from birth to 5 are

shakespeare in girona?

Why Shakespeare never visited Barcelona

“In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…”.  But why Verona and why not Girona?  Why did provincial England’s greatest playwright, who set so many of his plays abroad, in countries he’d never visited, never set a play in Catalonia?  In his thirty-seven plays we meet an over-thinking young prince in Denmark,  twins shipwrecked on

Welcome to BCG Online

Over the last year the British College of Gava (BCG) has been going through some significant changes. In particular, we have opened up our fantastic new secondary building, embedded Education for Sustainable Development into the schools DNA and introduced wellbeing and meditation into the curriculum. We are now an IB World School and we are

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